We are committed to keeping our products up-to-date with technology and evolving with customer requirements and feedback

Windowmaker 7.2.3


Track the status of your purchases with a new ‘Purchase Order Status’ report.


Edit Discount % or Total Nett value of Base price (excluding extras) directly from Special Terms dialog.


Updating the Cost Matrices using CSV files is now made more flexible.

Windowmaker 7.2.2


Improvements while creating sales quotes/orders; accessing customers list; generating reports and scheduling orders


Support to Code39 barcode format added

Crystal Reports

Windowmaker products to withdraw support for several deprecated User Defined Functions in near future

Windowmaker 7.2.1


Recalculating the prices with each revision much easier now!


Aesthetic changes made to the standard Windowmaker reports to make them more user-friendly

Setting Favorites - Entrance Doors

Set frequently used Door Styles, Door Slabs and Glass inserts as Favorites, making it quick to spot and select for order entry

Windowmaker 7.2.0


Costheads set-up now shows many more columns. Columns can be removed or added from the Column Chooser.

Products: Active/Inactive

Windowmaker now allows to set products as Inactive. This makes data maintenance easier and order entry faster

Link to Saw

Windowmaker now links to Kaban HB2010 double mitre saw

Windowmaker 7.1

This release involved major bug fixes

Windowmaker 7.0


Maintenance of Glazing records and options made a lot easier

Design Summary

The report now includes Plan graphics for bays, system & glazing descriptions, and specified option answers

Delivery Scheduling & Tracking

Deliveries now show Sales Lines categorized into “In Despatch” and “Not In Despatch”, making it easier to move them to separate Deliveries

Windowmaker 6.5.3

Windows Server 2016 for Windowmaker

Windowmaker now supported to run on Windows Server 2016 operating system

Glazing: Set-up

The program now allows to set-up Process (Spacer) for sealed units


Windowmaker now shows property location, reference, room, quantity, size, system and description as a tooltip on mouse-over on Elevations tab

Link to Working Centre

Windowmaker can now link to Murat SC 220-40 Working Centre

Windowmaker 6.5.2

Commercial Contracts II

It is now possible to progress Phased Orders in Stages. Each stage can be independently manufactured, delivered and/or installed

Excel-based Rules

Calculate BOM through rules written in Microsoft Excel.

Bar Optimisation III

Windowmaker now allows variable bar length optimisation even if scheduling options are not available.

Crystal Reports

The software now allows to include/exclude Multiline Text in Customer Documents (Quotation, Order Acknowledgement and Invoice) and Production Document

Windowmaker 6.5.1 SP1

NFRC Labels

A standard NFRC Labels report is now available. It generates a label for each frame, in a production batch, that is NFRC certified

Pricing - Extras

Pricing Extras categories have been increased from 3 to 10.


A report is now available to export details of a Sales Order that needs to be surveyed, to a CSV file.

Link to Welder

The program can now link to URBAN AKS1805 welder.