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Estamos comprometidos a mantener nuestros productos actualizados con la tecnología y a evolucionar con los requisitos y comentarios de los clientes.

Windowmaker 2022 R1.1

This release contains minor improvements and fixes to some issues.

Windowmaker 2022 R1

Frame and Sash Joins

All the Join settings are now on System -> Joins page, along with new choices, making join configuration much easier.

  • A new set of choices is now available for Frame Corner Joins. This is especially useful for wood systems.
  • The Frame joins around Sashes can now default to Mitred joins for Steel systems.
  • Default Sash Corner Join settings are now available. This is particularly useful for sliders with slim interlocks.
  • Overriding Frame Joins for Steel and Aluminium systems now offers more choices. This gives greater flexibility to achieve the desired joins in designs.
  • The following cases are now handled more efficiently and correctly:
    • Asymmetric Frame Transom/Mullion around Sashes.
    • Profiles with a different inside and outside finish.

Advanced Data Management Tools

Data set-up and maintenance is now made easier and more efficient:

  • All the selected Product Types are now exported to a single spreadsheet.
  • Each Product Type is now exported to a separate page.
  • Part Filter criteria Options and Answers now include Long Descriptions.
  • Parts can now be made Inactive through the spreadsheet.

Bar Optimisation

Windowmaker now also considers cost of head position change during optimisation. This will be considered along with the other costs for optimisation. When the cost of head position change is comparatively high, pieces of the same size are grouped together.

Windowmaker 2022

Tracking – Quality checks

Tracking users can now eliminate the use of paper in Quality Control. Quality checklists can be set-up at each Tracking Station. Items can be marked as ‘Pass’/’Fail’ directly on the screen.

Frame Joins

Steel window manufacturers now have greater flexibility in choosing the type of joins. This enables them to cater to a wider range of designs.

Data Set-up & Maintenance

Data setup and maintenance can now be simplified through the new ‘Advanced Data Management Tools’. This is aimed at ‘Expert’ users and those setting up or customising their own data.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2.3

Windows 11 & Windows Server 2022

Windowmaker now supports running on these operating systems.

Regression Test

Testing data correctness has been made easy. Use this facility whenever you incorporate data changes, upgrade your program version or use a new license file.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2.2


Select from only valid glazing records based on criteria like Width/Height, Security Glazing, Glazing Thickness, etc. Search, sort and/or filter glazing records based on U-value, db value, etc.

Order Entry

Resize/Minimise the Sales Line and Sales Header notebooks to work side-by-side with other applications, especially on wide screens. Improve your efficiency.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2.1

Sales Line - Weight

Store Sales Line Weights in the Windowmaker database and get them displayed in the Sales Line list. This also improves the performance of reports which require Sales Line Weight.

Performance Improvements

Benefit from the improved performance of the Frame Production process. Store BOM only for the required Costheads to further improve the performance of the program, especially reports.

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Windowmaker 2021 R2

Performance Improvements

Performance in many areas like Order Entry and other sales related activities, Update Status, Schedule Orders, Generate Reports, etc. has been improved. This reduces the turnaround time and increases throughput.

User Interface

You can resize Cost/Part Matrices and Parts Header dialogs to simultaneously work in different applications. This is especially useful on wide screens to create/edit matrices with an Excel Workbook and Windowmaker docked side-by-side.

Security Glazing

You can now specify Weight for Unglazed Glass as well as mark it as Safety Glazing.

Windowmaker 2021 R1.2

This release contains minor improvements and fixes to some issues.

Windowmaker 2021 R1.1

Security Glazing

You can now enforce Safety Glazing in Security Area.

Windowmaker 2021 R1

Delivery Notes

You can now generate a compact ‘Delivery Notes’ report by excluding the graphics, and thereby saving paper. You may optionally include System and Glazing information.

Reports – Preview, Export, Email

Windowmaker now uses ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ instead of Crystal Reports’ default PDF generator to Preview, Email, and Export reports or Save copy to History. This eliminates the possibility of distorted images in reports.

Production Scheduling

You can now schedule Orders ignoring production batch capacity.

Windowmaker 2021

Windowmaker 2021

Year 2020 has been tough and challenging due to the pandemic. To erase the bad memories of 2020 and to ring in a better, healthier, and prosperous New Year, we have named this version Windowmaker 2021.

Customer Special Terms

It is now possible to disallow Systems, Option Answers, Glazing and Parts for specified Order Type and customer(s). This is useful e.g. to limit choices available to Dealers.

Windowmaker 2020 R1.1

User Rights

You can now control previewing and emailing reports through User Rights. This enables these activities to also be recorded in History for management purposes.

Fixed Length Parts

It is now possible to calculate profile/reinforcement parts of fixed length, e.g. glazing support wedges, brackets for transom/mullion joins in curtain walls, etc. Such parts are included in the optimised cutting instructions and stock management, thereby reducing wastage and increasing efficiency.

Windowmaker 2020 R1


The new dashboards display key statistics for each department.

This will:

  • Assist management decision-making with real time, easy to understand data
  • Motivate staff making key metrics readily available

History information of sales quote/order is now more accessible and easily visible in list views.

This will:

  • Empower staff with all the latest information regarding every quote and order
  • Improve accountability for all actions taken by the fabricator and their customer
  • Reduce staff workload and increase productivity
  • Go paperless by attaching hand-written documents
Part Images on Reports

Reports can now show profile cross-section/fittings images. This helps in easily identifying correct parts e.g. by operators at the shop floor to pick profiles from racks.

Windowmaker 2020


A state-of-the-art solution for dealers to estimate and send professional quotations to customers. Make dealers more efficient and productive, and dramatically expand your sales.


New reports that make your day-to-day business operations smoother.


The new Stock Check facility makes stock reconciliation task simpler.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.12

Windowmaker 2018 R3.9

Opciones predeterminadas por usuario

Ahora puede configurar las Opciones/Respuestas como predeterminadas/automáticas/ocultas para diferentes usuarios como Ventas, Distribuidores, etc. para que la entrada de pedidos sea más simple y rápida.

Precio en el Presupuesto

Al anular el precio del presupuesto con un precio negociado, ahora es opcional aplicar el descuento resultante a precios adicionales. (Por ejemplo, cargos de instalación y otros cargos por servicio)

Puertas de entrada

Windowmaker ahora maneja puertas de entrada con numerosos recortes, tamaños y formas.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.7

Windows Server 2019

Windowmaker ahora es compatible con el sistema operativo Windows Server 2019.

Precios Adicionales

Ahora es posible volver a calcular el precio y el descuento de precios adicionales de forma independiente. Esto permite, por ejemplo, volver a calcular el precio pero reteniendo un descuento negociado previamente.

Condiciones Especiales del Cliente

Puede especificar los valores predeterminados de opciones para un cliente, que tendrán prioridad al crear un presupuesto. Esto podría ser muy útil para clientes comerciales, distribuidores y constructores. Especificar valores predeterminados significa una entrada de presupuesto más rápida y menos posibilidades de errores involuntarios.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.5 SP1

Cálculos de carga de viento

Ahora es posible configurar más de una opción de tipo de 'presión de viento'. Esto podría ser necesario, para usar diferentes opciones, por ejemplo, para administrar los sistemas de PVC y aluminio.

Reportes de Presupuesto/Pedido

El programa ahora permite enviar automáticamente por correo electrónico los reportes designados cuando se avanza el estado de una presupuesto o pedido.

Windowmaker 2018 R3.2

Enlace a QuickBooks

Windowmaker ahora puede sincronizarse con QuickBooks instalado en una computadora diferente conectada a través de una LAN.

Programación de Inspección e Instalación

El programa permite configurar 999 equipos para Inspección e Instalación.

Windowmaker 2018 R3


El programa ahora permite imprimir automáticamente los reportes relevantes cuando un pedido avanza a un estado específico.

Sistema - Características

El programa ahora lo ayuda a filtrar aún más los diseños que no son posibles con un sistema y los cambia con un diseño apropiado disponible en su lugar

Exportar/Importar Actualizaciones

Las actualizaciones de exportación/importación ahora están disponibles para sistemas, subsistemas y matrices de partes

Windowmaker 2018 R2.3

Control de Stock

Realice un seguimiento del estado de sus compras con un nuevo reporte "Estado de la Orden de Compra".

Condiciones Especiales

Cambie el porcentaje de descuento o el monto total del precio base (excluyendo extras) directamente desde el cuadro de diálogo de Condiciones Especiales.

Matrices de Costos

La actualización de las matrices de costos utilizando archivos CSV ahora se hace más flexible.

Windowmaker 2018 R2.2


Mejoras en la creación de presupuestos/pedidos; al acceder a la lista de clientes; al generar informes y programar órdenes.

Códigos de barras

Soporte al formato de código de barras Code39 agregado

Crystal Reports

Los productos de Windowmaker retirarán el soporte para varias funciones definidas por el usuario en desuso en un futuro próximo

Windowmaker 2018 R2.1


¡Ahora es mucho más fácil recalcular los precios en cada revisión!


Cambios estéticos realizados en los reportes estándar de Windowmaker para que sean más fáciles de usar.

Configuración de favoritos - puertas de entrada

Establezca como favoritos los estilos de puertas, paneles de las puertas y las inserciones de vidrio de uso frecuente, lo que facilita su localización y selección para la entrada de pedidos

Windowmaker 2018 R2

Centros de Costo

La configuración de centros de costo ahora muestra muchas más columnas. Las columnas se pueden eliminar o agregar desde el selector de columnas.

Productos: Activo/Inactivo

Windowmaker ahora permite establecer productos como Inactivos. Esto facilita el mantenimiento de datos y hace la entrada de pedidos más rápida

Enlace a Tronzadora

Windowmaker tiene ahora enlace a la tronzadora doble de inglete Kaban HB2010

Windowmaker 2018 R1

This release involved major issues fixed.

Windowmaker 2018


A manutenção de registros e opções de envidraçamento ficou muito mais fácil

Resumo de Modelos

O relatório agora inclui gráficos do plano para Bay Windows, descrições de sistema e envidraçamento e respostas de opção especificadas

Agendamento e acompanhamento de entrega

As entregas agora mostram as linhas de vendas categorizadas em "Em expedição" e "Não em expedição", facilitando a transferência para separações separadas.

Windowmaker 2012 R5.3

Windows Server 2016 para Windowmaker

O Windowmaker pode agora ser executado no sistema operacional Windows Server 2016

Vidros: Configuração

O programa agora permite configurar o processo (espaçador) para unidades seladas


O Windowmaker agora mostra a localização da propriedade, referência, sala, quantidade, tamanho, sistema e descrição como uma dica ao passar o mouse sobre a aba elevações

Conexão com o Centro de Usinagem

O Windowmaker tem agora conexão com o Centro de Usinagem Murat SC 220-40

Windowmaker 2012 R5.2

Contratos Comerciais II

Agora é possível progredir ordens em etapas. Cada grupo pode ser fabricado, entregue e/ou instalado de forma independente

Regras baseadas no Excel

Calcule a lista de materiais (BOM) através de regras escritas no Microsoft Excel.

Otimização de Barras III

O Windowmaker agora permite a otimização do comprimento de barra variável, mesmo se as opções de agendamento não estiverem disponíveis.

Crystal Reports

O software agora permite incluir/excluir texto multilinha nos documentos do cliente (Orçamento, Confirmação de Pedido e Fatura) e no documento de produção

Windowmaker 2012 R5.1 SP1

Etiquetas NFRC

Um relatório de etiquetas NFRC padrão já está disponível. Ele gera um rótulo para cada quadro, em um lote de produção, indicando que é certificado pela NFRC

Preços - Extras

As categorias de preços-extras foram aumentadas de 3 para 10.


Está disponível agora um relatório para exportar os detalhes de um pedido que precisa ser inspecionado para um arquivo CSV.

Conexão com a Máquina de Solda

O programa possui agora conexão com a máquina de solda URBAN AKS1805.